Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Modern Olympics -- Host countries and venues


Year Country

2012 United Kingdom
Beijing2008 China
Athens2004 Greece
Sydney2000 Australia
Atlanta1996 United States
Barcelona1992 Spain
Seoul1988 South Korea
Los Angeles1984 United States
Moscow1980 U S S R
Montreal1976 Canada
Munich1972 Germany
Mexico City1968 Mexico
Tokyo1964 Japan
Rome1960 Italy
Melbourne1956 Australia
Helsinki1952 Finland
London1948 United Kingdom

Berlin1936 Germany(No Olympics was held for 12 years due to Second World War)
Los Angeles1932 United States
Amsterdam1928 Holland
Paris1924 France
Antwerp1920 Belgium
Stockholm1912 Sweden(No Olympics was held for 8 years due to First World War)
London1908 United Kingdom
St Louis1904 United States
Paris1900 France
Athens1896 Greece

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