Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Important International days

Some days assume some special importance. In the various competitive exams the questions can be either asking for a day giving it's importance or can be the other way round.

Jan 10-----World Laughter Day

Jan 26-----International Customs Day

Jan 30-----World Leprosy Eradication Day

Feb 21 ----- International Mother Language Day

Mar 8------International Women's Day

Mar 15----World Consumer Rights Day

Mar 21----World Forestry Day

Mar 23----World Meteorological Day

Mar 24-----World TB Day

Apr 7-------World Health Day

Apr 22------Earth Day

May 1-------International Labour Day

May 8-------World Red Cross Day

May 12-------International Nurses Day

May 17-------World Telecommunication Day

May 24--------Commonwealth Day

May 31---------Anti-tobacco Day

June 5----------World Environment Day

June 20---------Father's Day

July 11----------World Population Day

Aug 6------------Hiroshima Day

Aug 9------------Nagasaki Day

Sep 8-------------World Literary Day

Sep 16------------World Ozone Day

Sep 26-------------Day of the Deaf

Sep 27-------------World Tourism Day

Oct 3---------------World Habitat Day

Oct 4--------------World Animal Welfare Day

Oct 16-------------World Food Day

Oct 24------------United Nations Day

Oct 30-------------World Thrift Day

Nov 14--------------Diabetes Day

Nov 21------------World Television day

Dec 1----------------World AIDS Day

Dec 10 ------------- Human Rights Day

Dec11 -------------- International Mountain Day

Dec 18 ------------- International Migrants Day

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