Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Current Affairs - August third week

Here I am updating the Current events for third week of August. Read News papers and Watch Television daily to be a winner in Competitive exams and Quiz competitions. Olympics News is not provided in this for which a detailed post will be written later.

1.Pakistan President Pervez Musharaff resigns from his post of President

Key facts:After 9 years in in Office, Pakistan president Pervez Musharaff resigned.
He had come to power in a bloodless coup in 1999.

2.Israel to release 200 palestinian prisoners.

Israel celebrates it's 60 th year of foundation this year. Prme minister Ehud Olmert.Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas. Palestine is a country divided into two parts. Only Westbank portion is controlled by Fatah party-with prime minister Mahmoud Abbas. Gaza strip is controlled by Hamas.

3.RBI reveals the credit card outstandings have shot up by a whopping 87% at Rs 26,596 crore, during the January-May 23 period this year.

4.Masanobu Fukuoka Founder of one straw revolution movement in agriculture dies in Japan.

Key facts: He is the author of The One-Straw Revolution, The Road Back to Nature and The Natural Way Of Farming, was one of the pioneers of no-till grain cultivation. His system is referred to as "natural farming", Fukuoka Farming, or the Fukuoka Method.

5.Puspa Kamal Dahal popularly known as Pracahnda chosen as the New prime minister of Nepal.

Key facts: Nepal formerly a Hindu country is now a secular Republic. Maoists had got the maximum no. of seats in the Recent General election.King Gyanendra had to leave his palalce. Prachanda made his first foreign visit to China last week which is a significant change from his predecessors who made their first foreign visit to India after taking oath.

6.TRAI(Telecom regulatory authority of India) removes all restrictions on internet telephony in the country, allowing internet service providers (ISPs) to terminate internet telephony calls on phones, including mobile phones.

7.R. C Deka will be the New director of AIMS.

8.Reliance launches it's DTH Big TV -fourth DTH operator in India.

9. A Spanish airliner skidded off it's runway in Madrid airport killing 153 people on board .Worst aircrash of 2008 till date.

10.Inflation continued it's upward journey. It touched another high of 12.63% .

11.ISRO says India's first unmanned moon mission known as Chandrayaan-1 will be between October and December 2009.

Key facts: As part of Chandrayaan -1, India joined seven other nations to team up with Nasa for the future exploration of moon. ISRO director G Madhavan Nair.

12.Indiragandhi International airport in Newdelhi has the longest runway in Asia.

13.Delhi High Court bars top lawyers for criminal contempt.Former Congress MP R K Anand and ace criminal lawyer I U Khan—from appearing before it and its subordinate courts for four months for committing “criminal contempt’’ in the BMW hit-and-run case.

14. Tata threatens to pull out of Singur if the agitation continues.

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