Friday, October 3, 2008

Books and Authors Quiz

Books and authors is a topic for every cometitive exam. Be it PSC or Bank exams. Useful for Quizes and Trivias also

Mac Beth--------------------Shakespeare
Rubayyat-------------------Omar Khayyam
Jungle Book-----------------Rudyard Kipling
Count of Monte Cristo-------Alexander Dumas
War and Peace--------------Leo Tolstoy
Communist Manifesto-------Karl Marx
Call of the wild-----------------Jack London
A Tale of Two Cities-----------Charles Dickens
Robinson Crusoe-----------Daniel Defoe
Adventures of Tom Sawyer---Mark Twain
Gulliver's Travels----------Jonathan Swift
Freedom at Midnight-------Larry Collins&Dominic Lappierre
Train to Pakistan----------Khushavant Singh
God of Small things---------Arundhati Roy
Old man and the sea-------Ernest Hemingway
Main kamph---------------Adolf Hitler
Discovery of India---------Jawaharlal Nehru

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