Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Secretariat assistant main exam Kerala PSC old question paper

The Secretariat assistant main exam is scheduled on 11 th October 2008. Over 11,000 candidates will be competing for nearly 1000 posts in Kerala Government viz.Secretariat, PSC, Vigilance, Local fund audit etc. Here I am providing the Questions on General Knowledge that were asked in 2005 main exams. It is expected that the Questions will be mainly from Indian history, Geography, General science and Current affairs

Indian history--40%
Geography ----20%
General Science -10%
Current affairs---30%.

1. Which is the generally accepted theory that describes the end if Indus civilization. ?
2. What are the three great phases of development of Budhism in India?
3. What were the main features of Gupta Administration?
4. What is the significance of the Second Battle of Tarain in Indian History?
5. What is Permanent Settlement act introduced in 1793?
6. What do you know about the rise and fall of Nalanda University?
7. What is Gandhi-Irwin truce?
8. What was Khilafat Movement?
9. Do you find any differences in the approaches of Gokhale and Tilak to British rule?
10. What was the impact of the Partition of Bengal on National Movement?
11. What is Bio-diesel?
12. What is meant by the Decibel (dB)?
13. What is El Nino?
14. What is meant by chromosomes?
15. What is Vitamin K?
16. What do you know about Haritholsavam?
17. What is Kerala Kalamandalam?
18. What is KERAFED?
19. What is MGP?
20. What was the Mopil rebellion?
21. What was Golden Quadrilateral?
22. What is the project Sagarmatha?
23. What is 93rd Constitutional Amendment Bill?
24. What is Valmiki-Ambedkar Awas Yojana?
25. What is Antyodaya Anna Yojana?

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