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Quiz on Gandhiji --- Questions on Gandhiji's life

1.Where was was Gandhiji born?


What was Gandhi's childhood nickname?

Ans:Manu or Moniya

3.What was the name of Gandhi's father?


4.In his teens Gandhi had a friend who often told him if he ate meat, he would grow stronger. Gandhi also picked up smoking from him for a while. Later Gandhi wrote a letter to his father and apologized. Who was this friend?

Ans: Shiekh Mehtab

At what age was Gandhi married?

Ans: Thirteen

6.Gandhiji confessed his guilt of stealing for the purpose of smoking in a letter, promising never to steal in future and asking for adequate punishment. To whom was this letter addressed?

Ans: Father

To represent which company's case did Gandhi go to Durban, South Africa in 1893?

Ans:Dada, Abdulla & Co

While holding a first-class ticket Gandhiji was ordered by a railway official to shift to the van compartment. On his refusal to comply with the unjust order, a constable was called to push him out bag and baggage. Identify the railway station where this incident took place


9.How many sons did Gandhiji have?

Ans: four

10.On Gandhi's suggestion, which organization was formed in 1894 by the Indian community in South Africa?

Ans: Natal Indian Congress
11. In 1910, Hermann Kallenbach, a white farmer donated his farm near Johannesburg to Gandhi where he established an 'ashram'. What was the name of this 'ashram'?

Ans:Tolstoy Farm

12.Which country Gandhiji visited in October 1901?

Ans: Mauritius

13. Which year Gandhi take the vow of 'brahmacharya' or celibacy for life?


14.In 1913, Gandhi protested a South African law that had

Made all non-Christian marriages illegal

Which mythological character impressed Gandhiji for life when he saw a play on his life?

Ans: Harischandra

In what year did Gandhi leave South Africa for the last time?

Ans: 1914

17.In 1915, Gandhi was awarded a medal which he returned to the Government in 1920 as a gesture of non cooperation towards the British Government. Name the medal.

Ans: Kaiser-i -Hind

Who advised Gandhiji to remain as an observer and student in the country for a year before taking part in Indian Politics?

Gopal Krishna Gokhle

19. Which was
the place from where Gandhiji started his recruiting campaign for the War on behalf of the British Government.

Ans: Kheda
20.The book "Unto This Last" greatly captivated and transformed Gandhi. He later translated it into Gujarati. Who was its author?

Ans: John Ruskin
21.Gandhi's autobiography "The Story of My Experiments with Truth" was originally written in Gujarati. Who translated it into English?

Ans:Mahadev Desai

22.Gandhiji's first major struggle in the country was stagged on the soil of Champaran district in Bihar in 1917 in connection with indigo plantation. Who was largely instrumental in persuading Gandhiji to visit Champaran and lead the struggle over there?

Raj Kumar Shukla

In connection with the inauguration of the so-called Rowlatt satyagraha, Gandhiji started a Satyagraha Sabha in

Ans: Bombay

At which place was Gandhiji arrested for the first time by the British Government for sedition?

Ans: Ahmedabad

A wave of violent communal riots swept over country in 1924 on account of which Gandhiji felt very much upset and was in great distress, knowing not what to do. The terrible riots that broke out at a particular place led Gandhi to do penance by observing a fast for 21 days. Which was that place?

Ans: Kohat

Who commented "Mr Gandhi's religious and moral views are, I believe, admirable, but I confess that I find it difficult to understand the practice of them in politics."

Ans: Lord Reeding

Gandhi first organized mass "non-cooperation" with the British in what year?


28. Gandhiji withdrew his non-cooperation due to the killing of Police men at which place?

Ans: Chauri Choura

In how many days was the 241 mile-journey from Sabarmati Ashram to Dandi covered on foot by Gandhi and his volunteers?


Who was nominated by Gandhiji to lead the satyagrahais on the Dandi March in the event of his arrest?

Abbas Tyabji

Subhash Chandra Bose was elected President of the Congress in 1938 with Gandhiji's goodwill. He wanted a second term, but Gandhiji did not approve of it. Despite the disapproval, Bose fought the election and won it, defeating the official candidate by over 200 votes. Gandhiji took it as a personal defeat. Identify the candidate.

Pattabhi Sitaramayya

What is the name of the building which served as Gandhi's residence in Mumbai from 1917-1934?

Mani Bhavan

What personal tragedy did Gandhi suffer in 1943?

His youngest son died

34.After Independence in 1947, Gandhi felt the Congress had outlived its usefulness. To keep it away from unhealthy competition with political parties and communal bodies, Gandhi sketched a draft constitution for the Congress to transform it into a social organization. What was it called?

Ans:Lok Sevak Sangh

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