Sunday, January 4, 2009

List of major inventions and inventors--Quiz

FIND out Who invented what? Useful for Quiz competitions and competitive exams etc.

Aeroplane : Orville and Wilbur Wright
Atom Bomb ; Auto Han
Diesel Engine : Rudolf Diesel
Dynamite : Alfred B. Nobel
Electric Generator : Michael Faraday
Electric Lamp : Thomas Alva Edison
Electrolytic cell : Alessandro Volta
Elevator : Elisha G. Otis
Gramophone : Thomas Alva Edison
Integrated Chip : Jack Kilby
Lightning Conductor : Benjamin Franklin
Mercury Thermometer : Fahrenheit
Microphone : Sir Alexander Graham Bell
Movie Projector : Thomas Alva Edison
Pneumatic Tyres : John Boyd Dunlop
Radio : Marconi
Safety Razor : King C. Gillette
Steam Engine (condenser) : James Watt
Telegraph Code : Samuel Morse
Telephone : Sir Alexander Graham Bell
Television (mechanical) : John Logie Baird
Telescope : Galileo
Transformer : Michael Faraday
Vulcanised Rubber : Charles Goodyear
X-Ray : Rontgen


sheshu said...

hey some answers ar wrong...the inventor of gramaphone is emil berliner

Subhankar Aditya said...

I Think The Inventor of Dynamite is Michael Faraday.

Vikas Rajput said...

dynamite's inventor is right Alfred nobel for which he got nobel prize and startd nobel prize

Shanthi Ganesan said...

Good work thanks a lot for sharing by www.quizvook.com

Deepak Choudhary said...

Nice post on inventions.